Apartment 331


The phenomenal view clearly played one of the lead roles in this design story.

All the walls have been covered with wallcovering, which creates an embracing tranquility in the interior. That calmness is also enhanced by the Japanese design, that together with the minimalism from Scandinavia, dominates this apartment.

The wish of the client was a beautiful mix of these two styles, wherein functionality, nature, neutrals and clear lines come together. The classic Japanese style can be seen in the bedrooms where the lighting fixture is made of rice paper and the black & white wallcovering shows the contours of a kimono. Not only the walls but also the bespoke clothing cabinets are adorned with linen wall covering, a subtle twist to Japanese room folding screens.

The soothing wall covering, the warm colours from nature and the minimalistic form language of Japandi, contribute piece by piece, to the relaxation in the clamor of the city.