Apartment 501


‘Colourful, warm and with extraordinary items’. The team of Lagrand Interiors started on the design of this apartment with these three keywords in mind. An apartment at high altitude with a view of the city and nature was an inspiration and at the same time a challenge in this project, precisely because we wanted to combine these elements.

The use of colours, the patterns and the warm materials reflect both the personality of the residents and the location of the apartment. For example, the team used natural stone walls with blue veins that connect the riverfront waves of the view to the bathroom. The carpet in the living room with bird feathers refers to the great height of this apartment. And the bedroom is also an illustration of this, the soft shapes, the radiant colouring and the warm materials remind the residents of their travels and simultaneously gives them the calmness they need in this space. An extraordinary element in this room is the armchair, in which they can dream away high in the sky.