Penthouse 21


The residents never dreamt that their interior would be more impressive than the view.

The top floor of this former office building, now a luxurious riverfront penthouse, boasts magnificent views of the Maas, the Erasmus Bridge, and the bustling city of Rotterdam from the kitchen and living area.

Lagrand Interiors made use of rich materials, luxurious and comfortable furniture and daring colour combinations. In the interior design certain aspects of the view have been taken inside. Above the dining table, glass lighting fixtures are fixed to the ceiling with ropes reminding of a ship’s mooring lines.

This would not be a Lagrand Interior design without attention to art, in this case the bubbly work of artist Pleunie Buyink in the living that also refers to the water flowing in front of the resident.

There are so many details in this apartment that some of the lighting fixtures and door handles, besides being practical, are true jewels to look at.

All together a unique, warm and luxurious design has been realised with the typical boutique hotel at home.